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Returns management

Make returns quick and easy for you and customers

Consumers return a massive £490 billion worth of products every year, according to IHL. Fortunately for retailers, 92% of shoppers say that they’ll buy from a business again if the returns process is easy.

At James and James, our returns management service creates this simple process.

Your shoppers get a brilliant customer experience. You reduce the time and money spent on returns management and customer service – and get new insights into the reasons for returns.

Why choose our returns management service?

We first eliminate returns that should never happen – due to incorrect or damaged items – through our accurate order fulfilment service. We then make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns online. Finally, we receive and process returns quickly, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products fast.

Eliminate incorrect and damaged items

According to Chain Store Age, an astonishing 23% of eCommerce returns are due to incorrect items being shipped. A further 20% are due to products being damaged in transit.

At James and James, we eliminate these returns through our accurate pick and pack process. Through a combination of weight, visual, barcode and address checks, the right person gets the right items 99.9% of the time.

In addition, our highly trained team ensure that every order is packaged carefully and appropriately, reducing returns due to damages.

Offer customers easy online returns

Wave goodbye to paper slips in the parcel! Instead, our returns management service enables your customers to initiate returns online, from any device.

When we receive an order from your store, we email each customer a unique link to ViewPort. This online portal, customisable with your logo and brand colours, enables shoppers to track their order – and start and follow a return.

Customers are asked to select a reason for their return, from a drop-down list that you provide. This gives you helpful, structured data, to reduce returns in future.

Control and track the returns process

With our returns management service, you retain full control of the process. You can specify standard return postage options. You can choose what happens to returned items – do we inspect and re-stock them, or forward them to you?

Every order we send has a unique number and barcode. This means we can quickly identify returns that require personalised treatment. And both you and your customers can track them online, reducing “Where’s my refund?” support tickets.

In short, we take care of returns handling quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.

Learn more about the order fulfilment process

Returns management is just part of our order fulfilment service. We also take care of everything – from receiving and storing stock from your manufacturers to shipping products to your customers.

Goods in

Send your inventory to one of our international fulfilment centres


Your stock is stored safely and securely, ready for orders to come in.

Pick and pack

We receive orders from your online store and get them ready to send.


We ship orders quickly to your customers via our courier network.


Returned orders come back to our fulfilment centres for processing.

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