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Start-up fulfilment

When should start-ups look at outsourcing fulfilment?

If you’re outgrowing your premises, expanding fast (or planning to expand) and receiving nearly 1,000 online orders for your products every month, then it’s probably a good time to outsource your fulfilment. James and James can help with any of these scenarios.

You’re running pre-order promotions

If you’ve launched your new venture through Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another crowdfunding platform, you’re likely to have thousands of pre-orders to despatch quickly to eagerly awaiting customers. We can help you get through this initial peak, and provide ongoing storage and shipping thereafter.

You’re looking to expand internationally

That’s because many fulfilment services for start-ups tend to charge minimum monthly fees, regardless of the number of orders you take. If you’re spreading this fee across hundreds of orders it’ll be affordable, but if it’s just a handful, the cost won’t outweigh the benefit.

Here we explain when the time is right to talk to us about outsourcing your fulfilment.

You’ve secured investment

If you’ve secured outside investment to get your business idea of the ground, you’re likely to have a clear marketing plan to ramp up your order volumes quickly. If you’re confident you’ll hit 300 – 1,000 orders per month soon, let’s talk about outsourcing your fulfilment.

You’re an experienced, multi-business entrepreneur

Maybe this isn’t your first venture. Maybe you’ve worked for an established brand and are now launching your own thing. If you’re experienced at gaining traction in your chosen market, we can quickly help you reach the point where outsourced fulfilment is the right next step.

Is our start-up fulfilment service right for you?

Our sweet spot is helping eCommerce businesses that have found product-market fit and are ready to scale.

Brands that are ready to scale

We help brands with proven products, established business models and growing sales get to the next level.

1,000+ orders per month

We ease the growing pains of brands that are already shipping – or are about to ship – 1,000+ orders per month.

Direct-to-consumer sales

We specialise in D2C eCommerce fulfilment, rather than traditional pallet-based storage and distribution.

Small, lightweight products

We’re optimised for fast-moving consumer products that are smaller than a football and lighter than a laptop.

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